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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans created by participants in the 2006 Summer Institute - Teaching about Islam Across the Continents: Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

        Acehnese,Indonesia - Elissa Drummond
        Agricultural Changes to Regions due to Islam and the Spread of Culture - David Boyle
        And They Gathered to Drink - Bonnee Breese
        (ESOL) Islam Through Literature - Linda Grimwade
        Globalization: Focus on Islamic Regions of the Middle East,Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, China - Dominic Saadi
        Immigration and Muslim's Religious Freedom - Samuel Reed
        Introduction to Islam Around the World - Dave Tavani
        Introduction to Islamic Foods - Susan Roth
        Introduction to World Religions - Bernadette Smith
        Islam - Connie Streitz
        Islam - Sheila Pai
        Statistics of Muslim Populations - Debbie Wile
        Sundiata - Grace Chung
        Unité de la Francophonie-Le Sénégal-Tracy Jackson

Lesson Plans created by participants in the 2007 Summer Institute - The Arts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East: An Exploration of Art, Theatre, Music, and Film

        African Trickster Tale - Dr. Portia Brandt
        Becoming a Link in the Griot Tradition - Rosemary Northcutt
        Bunraku and Western Puppet Theatre: A Comparison - Eileen McKenna
        Common Theme in Folktale: 900 Versions of Cinderella - Angela Keeler
            (Common Theme in Folktale) Hachikazuki Article Handout
        (ESOL) Pagodas - Zahida Mohammed
        History of Africa Through Art - Rick Churchill
        Is Buddha still Buddha - Kerry Prasad
            Images of Jesus in Many Cultures Powerpoint
        Islamic Art - Theresa Eck
        Justice Systems in Western Africa, late 20th Century - Donna Haines
        Lesson Plan for Talking Drums - William Lodge
            (Talking Drum) Drum Telegraphy Handout
            (Talking Drum) Introduction to Tonal Languages Handout
            (Talking Drum) Morse Code Letters and Numbers Handout
        Motivations of Africa in the Message - Bonnee Breese
        Multicultural Teaching Utilizing Indian Art - Joyce Millman
        (Multicultural Teaching Utilizing Indian Art) Handout
        The Art of the Early River Civilizations - Nancy Kurtz
        The Ramayana Through the Arts - Diane Freedman
        The Spread of Buddhism Through Art - Cathy Wisely
        Traditional Fu Mu Lan versus Disney Mulan - Samuel Reed

Lesson Plans created by participants in the 2008 Summer Institute - Demystifying Stereotypes and Understanding Contemporary Cultures in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

        Tolerating the Intolerable: Responses to Cultural Conflict - Jason Sweeney
        Describe-Interpret-Evaluate: Thoughtful Students in the Making - Brooke Y. Hoffman
        Power Shield - Christina Waters
        Exploring Our Cultural Heritage Through Art - Elizabeth Van Allen
        Past and Present Turkey - Eunice Sung
        Storyline Drum Circle - Celina Velez
        Film and Young People's Liberation: Scripting Agency - Heidi King
        African Artist El Anatsui as a Reflection of African Culture: Human Rights Issues and Activism Through Art - Joyce Millman
        The Art of El Anasui: Creating a Mural with Discarded/Recycled Objects - Joyce Millman
            El Anatsui Supplemental Material - Joyce Millman
        Comparing a Japanese and American Folk Song with the inclusion of the Music Elements of Music - Kathy Gunsallus
        What is Islam? Who are Muslims? - Jennifer Davis
        Multicultural Math Project - Katy Morris
        Cultural Impact on Development of African Kingdoms - Nancy Kurtz
        Liberia - Stefania Forte
        Identifying and Dispelling Stereotypes - Lauren Keiser Worhach
        Worry Wise - Lisa Waters
        Asian Culture - Myrtle Bastien
        Globalization – The Indian and American Connection - Theresa Eck