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Study Abroad Opportunities

The Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) serves as a gateway between Penn and the global community. OIP serves two basic functions on Penn's campus:

  • Services to international students and scholars, and
  • Study abroad information.

OIP provides the following services to the international student and scholar community at Penn:

  • Orientation and information on entering the United States and the University
  • Advising on personal and cultural issues while at Penn
  • Special programs and seminars geared to help students integrate into life at Penn
  • Assistance with immigration matters
  • Orientation and assistance to spouses and dependents


Study Abroad at OIP offers Penn students:

  • Program specific counseling by Study Abroad Advisors
  • General and program specific meetings on all Penn Abroad programs
  • Peer counseling and presentations by students who have returned from abroad 150 programs around the world, with Penn credit and financial aid
  • Information on study abroad scholarships
  • Orientation and assistance for Penn students before and after they go abroad

In addition, the Office of International Programs:

  • Coordinates the recruitment, nomination, and in some cases selection, for a wide variety of graduate scholarships, fellowships and grants.
  • Facilitates several University-wide exchange programs for faculty and graduate students.
  • Assists in coordinating international activities housed in the twelve schools and Penn's research institutes.

The Office of International Programs is located at 3701 Chestnut Street, Suite 1W and can be reached at 215-898-2622.


Chinese Programs Abroad

Intensive summer programs in Chinese allow a great deal of flexibility in designing a personal plan of study and in satisfying various degree and language requirements.

University of Pennsylvania is a member of the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies, which sponsors rigorous summer and year-long programs in Beijing at Tsinghua University. Please contact the Center for East Asian Studies for information booklets and applications.

Penn-in-China: The University is also a participant in the summer and semester programs offered in China by the Council on International Educational Exchange in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai. For more information, contact the Office of International Programs at 215-898-2622.


Japanese Language Study Abroad

There are several options for those interested in a semester or year of study in Japan at some of its best institutions. There are also popular summer programs. Penn has official exchanges with a variety of institutions. Study abroad requires close consultation with advisors in your major and your school. We strongly recommend that the student take some language before going; those with advanced preparation can do course work in Japanese. See the Office of International Programs at 215-898-2622, for applications. Because individual progress in language varies, the student must schedule a placement interview with the instructor for any language course in which he or she plans to enroll upon return from study abroad.

International Christian University: A one-year program at this bilingual campus on the outskirts of Tokyo allows you to study Japanese language and Japan Studies in English with ICU's international faculty, at the school students voted best in the nation.

Sophia University: A semester and year program are available with this bilingual university in Tokyo, for Japanese language and Japan Studies in English.

Kyoto Center For Japanese Studies: One-year program in the ancient capital of Kyoto allows intensive language and academic work, both in English with distinguished scholars and in Japanese with local professors, as well as internships. The University of Pennsylvania participates in this special program along with other Ivy League schools and Stanford University.

Kanazawa University: A one-year program in this culturally rich castle town offers language and work in regular Japanese university classes for the motivated student.

Hitotsubashi University: An exchange with this Tokyo university offers language and regular university classes in business or social sciences for the well-prepared student.


Korean Study Abroad

The Penn-in-Seoul program provides Penn undergraduates the opportunity to spend their summer in Seoul, South Korea, one of the most tech savvy and dynamic cities in the world. While in the program, students take at least 2 courses at Seoul National University and may participate in a 4 week internships at a multinational corporation, a research center or think tank, or a government agency. Although we will make every attempt to match students with an internship provider, placement is not guaranteed.  No previous knowledge of Korean is required to participate in the Penn-in-Seoul program, however, being fluent in Korean may be beneficial in the internship placement process. Depending on the internship, a Penn-in-Seoul particpant may have to apply for an appropriate visa. For updates on this program, please check the LPS Penn Summer Abroad site at:

Yonsei University: Students can spend a semester or year studying humanities and social studies courses related to Korea, East Asia, and the Pacific Rim in Korean or English.


Additional Information

Find out about study abroad opportunities in the current CEAS newsletter.