2023 - 24 CEAS Executive Committee

Representatives of the East Asia Centers:

Frederick Dickinson, Director, Center for East Asian Studies
Jacques deLisle, Director, Center for the Study of Contemporary China
Hyunjoon Park, Director, James Joo Jin Kim Center for Korean Studies

Representatives of the Members-in-Full:

Jolyon Thomas, Associate Professor, Religious Studies (2nd year of term)
So-Rim Lee, Assistant Professor, EALC (2nd year of term)
John Kanbayashi, Assistant Professor, History and Sociology of Science (1st year of term)

Representative of Associate Members:

Hanming Fang, Professor, Economics (1st year of term)

Representative of Language Lecturers:

Fredric Ye Tian, Director, Chinese Language Program (1st year of term)

Representative of East Asian Libraries:

Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer, Chinese Studies Librarian, Van Pelt Libraries (1st year of term)

To learn about CEAS leadership, membership, and elections, view the CEAS Bylaws.pdf.