Affiliated Faculty

Graduate School of Design

Annette Fierro

Associate Professor of Architecture

Director of Admissions/Student Affairs of Architecture

(215) 898-5728

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Jeffrey Lin

Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning

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Emily Ng

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

(215) 898-6422

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Theodore Schurr

Professor of Anthropology

(215) 573-7632

Penn Museum Room 432

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Asif Agha

Francis E. Johnston Term Professor of Anthropology

(215) 898-4110

University Museum Room 511

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Graduate School of Education

Xinyin Chen

Professor of Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

(215) 746-2363

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Yuko Butler

Professor in Educational Linguistics Division

Director of TESOL

(215) 898-5937

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Linda Pheng

Assistant Professor

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East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Mien-Hwa Chiang

Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages

Director of Chinese Language Program

(215) 898-6338

Williams Hall 702

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Christopher Atwood

Professor of Mongolian and Chinese Frontier and Ethnic History

Department Chair of East Asian Languages and Civiliations

(215) 573-0849

Williams Hall 850

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Ori Tavor

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Director of Master of Arts Program

(215) 573-9615

Williams Hall 710

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Nancy Steinhardt

Professor of East Asian Art

PENN Museum Curator of Chinese Art

(215) 898-6256

Williams Hall 853

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David Spafford

Associate Professor of Pre-Modern Japanese History

(215) 573-9613

Williams Hall 855

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Victor Mair

Professor of Chinese Language and Literature

(215) 898-8432

Williams Hall 849

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Ayako Kano

Professor of Japanese Literature, Performance and Gender Studies

Graduate Chair of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

(215) 573-9614

Williams Hall 841

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Paul Goldin

Professor of Chinese Thought

(215) 573-9615

Williams Hall 851

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Chloe Estep

Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese and Sinophone Literatures

Wiliams Hall 854

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Hsiao-Wen Cheng

Associate Professor of East Asian Religions

Undergraduate Chair of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

(215) 573-9614

Williams Hall 856

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So-Rim Lee

Korea Foundation Assistant Professor of Korean Culture, Performance, and Gender

(215) 898-3295

Williams Hall 806

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Linda Chance

Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Literature

Associate Chair of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

(215) 898-6334

Williams Hall 852

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Frank Chance

Adjunct Associate Professor

(215) 573-4203

Williams Hall 641

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Grace Wu

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Language

(215) 898-0303

Williams Hall 704

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Chih-Jen Lee

Lecturer in Chinese Language

(215) 573-4240

Williams Hall 701

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Maiheng Dietrich

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Language

(215) 573-4472

Williams Hall 701

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Tomoko Takami

Director of Modern Japanese Language Program

Senior Lecturer in Japanese Language

(215) 573-3640

Williams Hall 802

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Haewon Cho

Senior Lecturer in Korean Language

Director of Korean Language Program

(215) 898-4649

Williams Hall 803

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Hanming Fang

Joseph M. Cohen Term Professor of Economics

Department Chair of Economics

(215) 898-7767

PCPSE Room 605

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Chi-ming Yang

Professor of English

(215) 746-3527

Fisher-Bennett Hall 314

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Josephine Park

Distinguished Professor of English

(215) 898-7382

Fisher-Bennett Hall 318

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Julia Alekseyeva

Assistant Professor of English and Cinema & Media Studies

(215) 746-4300

Fisher-Bennett Hall 202

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Walter McDougall

Professor of History

Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations

(215) 898-2185; (215) 898-0452

637 Williams Hall
St. Leonard's Court Room 300.1

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Siyen Fei

Associate Professor of History

(215) 898-8452

St. Leonard's Court Room 400.9

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Frederick Dickinson

Professor of Japanese History

Director of Center for East Asian Studies

(215) 898-2766

College Hall 311E
Williams Hall 642

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Eiichiro Azuma

Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Professor of American History

(215) 898-6698

College Hall 311B

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History of Art

Julie Davis

Professor of History of Art

(215) 898-3247

Jaffe Building 203

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Chenshu Zhou

Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies

Jaffe Building 210

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History and Sociology of Science

M. Susan Lindee

Janice and Julian Bers Professor of History and Sociology of Science

(215) 898-2271

365 Cohen Hall

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Jianjing Kuang

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Director of Penn Phonetics Laboratory

(215) 746-3136

3401-C Walnut Street Room 318-C

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International Relations Program

Tomoharu Nishino

Co-Director of International Relations Program

Williams Hall 636

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Political Science

Regina Abrami

Senior Lecturer in Political Science

Chang Sun Term Professor & Faculty Director, Global Program, Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies

(215) 898-9249

Lauder-Fischer Hall, 2nd Floor

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Rudra Sil

Professor of Political Science

Director of Graduate Studies of Political Sciences

(215) 898-7661

PCPSE Room 301

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Fiona Cunningham

Assistant Professor

(215) 898-1800

PCPSE Room 303

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Daniel Smith

Assistant Professor

PCPSE Room 322

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Religious Studies

Jolyon Thomas

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Graduate Studies Chair of Religious Studies

(215) 746-3140

213 Cohen Hall

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Justin McDaniel

Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Endowed Professor of the Humanities

(215) 898-5846

Cohen Hall

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Guobin Yang

Grace Lee Boggs Professor of Communication and Sociology Director

Director of Center on Digital Culture and Society, Deputy Director for Center for Study of Contemporary China

(215) 573-2296

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Hyunjoon Park

Korea Foundation Professor of Sociology

Director, James Joo-Jin Kim Program in Korean Studies

(215) 898-0942

McNeil Building 219

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Herbert Smith

Professor, Director of Population Studies Center

Director of Population Studies Center (2005-09, 2011-14)

(215) 898-7768

McNeil Building 230

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Emily Hannum

Professor of Sociology and Education

Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

(215) 898-9633

247McNeil Building

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Xi Song

Associate Professor of Sociology

(215) 573-5101

McNeil Building 271

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Law School

Eric Feldman

Professor of Law, Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy

Heimbold Chair in International Law, Deputy Dean for International Programs

(215) 573-6400

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Jacques DeLisle

Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law and Political Science

Deputy Director, Center for the Study of Contemporary China

(215) 898-5781

S-135 Law School

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Teemu Ruskola

Professor of Law

Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

(215) 898-5746

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Eric Orts

Guardsmark Professor

Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management

(215) 898-3018

Jon M. Huntsman Hall 648

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Philip Nichols

Joseph Kolodny Professor of Social Responsibility in Business

Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics

(215) 898-9369

Jon M. Huntsman Hall 655

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East Asian Librarians

Rebecca Mendelson

Japanese Studies Librarian

(215) 898-3205

Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center 527

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Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Regeur

Chinese Studies Librarian

(215) 898-1464

551.1 Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

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Penn Museum

Adam Smith

Penn Museum Curator of Asian Art

(215) 573-5497

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Stephen Lang

Keeper of the Asian Collection

(215) 573-9570

University of Pennsylvania Museum

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Physics and Astronomy

Masao Sako

Arifa Hasan Ahmad and Nada Al Shoaibi Presidential Professor of Physics and Astronomy

(215) 898-8151

David Rittenhouse Laboratory 4N/2

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Penn Global

Scott Moore

Director of China Programs and Strategic Initiatives

Practice Professor of Political Science

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Amy Gadsden

Associate Vice Provost for Global Initiatives

Executive Director of Penn China Initiatives, Interim Executive Director of Perry World House

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James Joo-Jin Kim Center for Korean Studies

Seok Lee

Associate Director of Academics at the James Joo-Jin Kim Center for Korean Studies

(215) 573-6659

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Emeritus Faculty

Gary Hack

Professor Emeritus of City and Regional Planning

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Cecilia Seigle

Professor Emerita of Japanese Language and Literature

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W. Rickett

Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies

Former Chairman of the Department of Oriental Studies

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Tony Atkin

Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture

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Alan Heston

Professor Emeritus of Economics

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Peter Conn

Vartan Gregorian Professor of English

Professor of Education

(215) 898-5145

Fischer-Bennet Hall 113

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Arthur Waldron

Lauder Professor of International Relations

(215) 898-6565

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Nathan Sivin

Professor Emeritus of Chinese Culture and of the History of Science

(215) 242-1596

Williams Hall 855

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Avery Goldstein

David M. Knott Professor Emeritus of Global Politics and International Relations

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Richard Estes

Professor Emeritus of Social Work and Social Policy

(215) 898-5531

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Marshall Meyer

Emeritus Professor of Management

Tsai Wan-Tsai Professor Emeritus

(215) 898-6992

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