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East Asian Area Studies Minor

East Asian Area Studies Minor

Center for East Asian Studies (Williams 642, 215-573-4203)

This interdisciplinary minor is intended to offer undergraduates an experience which focuses on East Asia as a region of the world and of human experience, and provides an integrated curriculum drawing on the approaches of the social sciences, humanities, and legal studies. In addition to an introduction to East Asian language, students take relevant courses in such departments and programs as History, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and Law. The minor is administered by the Center for East Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary institution that also facilitates interdepartmental initiatives and outreach programs.

Basic Requirements:

At least 6 course units on East Asia , to be chosen from the published lists of relevant courses. Courses to be counted toward the Minor must be taken for a letter grade. Within these courses the following must be included:

  • At least one gateway course (EALC001, EALC002, or HIST 120/EALC081) as an introduction to East Asian Studies.

  • Two course units in an East Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean). This requirement may be filled by AP or transfer credit. Students who take intensive first year Chinese or Japanese for a total of 4 course units may count all 4 units toward their minor, in which case the 8 total credit units are required for the minor.

  • Three course units in East Asian studies content courses taken from the published course lists. At least one course unit must come from courses on China , at least one from courses on Japan , and at least one from courses on Korea.


NB: No more than 2 of the 6 course units may overlap with other courses being counted for major credit.

Please contact East Asian Area Studies adviser Ayako Kano ( to consult or declare your minor in East Asian Area Studies.