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National and International Conferences and Publications about East Asia

Call for submissions

Penn Asian Review is now accepting submissions from Penn undergraduate and graduate students.

Penn Asian Review is a Penn annual publication for Asia-Pacific issues that has been publishing every Spring for the past nine years. Recently, we have expanded our scope to include graduate student submissions both in English and in other Asian languages, and include topics outside of East Asia to include other parts of Asia/Asian diaspora, such as Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Students may email submissions to See flyer for further guidelines

Call for papers

Penn Symposium on Contemporary China, Friday March 20, 2020 (University of Pennsylvania)

The Symposium is currently reaching out to top graduate students across the U.S. to present their research on pressing contemporary issues facing China and its role in the world. In addition to providing a public forum for young scholars to share and discuss their findings, the Symposium is also a platform for prominent speakers from the business, foreign affairs, civil society, and academic sectors to share their professional insights. Papers and abstracts due January 31th, 2020 Click here to download detailed call with instructions