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International Haiku Day Reflections by CEAS Faculty and students

Image credit: "Kawazu zakura sakura cherry blossom Japan 河津桜 桜 サクラ 日本 (11)" by zaimoku_woodpile

International Haiku Day, Sat., Apr. 17, 2021: Reflections by Penn faculty and undergraduates




"Moon Shining Brightly:  An Early spring haiku" by Professor Victor Mair, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

This morning at five

Startled awake by the moon

Shining in my eyes


"Summer Run" Tomoko Takami, Director of Penn Modern Japanese Language Program

息切れの  K-ランや  夏の朝

Out of breath

3K run

Summer morning


Students of JPAN 212

The following haiku were composed in JPAN 212 and chosen by classmates as the best poems for spring 2021.  Congratulations poets!


Yoonsae Kim

夜の川 時間が凍る 静かさだ

The silence

Ceases the time

Of the river at night


Louis Hoffman

緑世界 不安を忘れる 山の上

A green world

I forget my worries

On the mountaintop


Angela Estell

ひまわりや 太陽の色 風と踊る

Field of sunflowers

The color of the sunlight

Dancing with the wind 


Alexander Kalbach

秋風に 日は森に会う 動かない

In the autumn wind

The sun meets the forest

And all is still