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Lesson Plans on Japan

Lesson Plans created by participants in the 2012 Phila-Nipponica Project- Preparing Philadelphia Area Educators to Teach about Japan as It Responds to the Disasters of 2011.

  1.  Introduction to Japan (English for Speakers of Other Languages, Grades 6-8), W. Ali
  2.  Geography of Japan (Geography, Grades 10-12), N. Carter
  3.  Intensive 10-week Japan Program (All subjects, Grades 6-8), A. Clement
  4.  "Recovery" in Literature (English, Grade 12), B. Hendrickson
  5.  Implications of Nuclear Power (Environmental Science, Grades 11-12), F. Natale
  6.  Urbanization in Asia, (Geography, City Planning, Social Science, Grades 7-8), J. Scherer
  7.  MADE IN JAPAN: The 1876 Centennial Exhibition and the Japanese Influence on American Culture (Social Sciences, Grades 9-12), M. Kolsky