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Film screening of Alone Again in Fukushima ナオト、いまもひとりっきり

Sunday, March 7, 2021 - 12:00am to Monday, March 8, 2021 - 7:30pm

Streaming online on March 7th to 8th for preregistrants only! Register here for the film

and Register here for the panel discussion event on March 8th at 6pm EST.

Film synopsis:

Ostriches, cows, hogs, cats, a pony, and a dog…and a single person remain in the nuclear zone in Fukushima. Naoto Matsumura lives alone with these animals in Tomioka, a town located only 12 kilometers away from the melted-down nuclear power plant.

It has been over five years since Alone in Fukushima was released in 2015. Covered by CNN, ARTE, and other major overseas networks, the story has remained largely untold in the Japanese media. Alone Again in Fukushima is the sequel to the 2015 release. What has happened to Naoto since 2015? The singular life of a man who has been at the mercy of the nuclear accident is revealed.

The film will be available streaming online from March 7th to March 8th, held in conjunction with a special panel discussion on March 8th at 6pm with Linda Chance (EALC), Caitlin Adkins (EALC), and Eric Feldman (Law)

Cosponsored by CEAS and Penn's Japanese Language Program