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CEAS on Covid: Lessons from Seventeen Months of Isolation

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 5:15pm

Twelve Affiliated Faculty at CEAS

Annenberg 110

The Center for East Asian Studies begins our 2021-22 programming with an in-house discussion of lessons from Covid.  The dialogue will feature twelve of our East Asia colleagues speaking about their personal experience working, teaching and researching remotely over the past eighteen months.  What have we lost?  What have we gained?  How might we learn from this experience to strengthen East Asian Studies at Penn?

Panel #1 Research

  • Julia Alekseyeva, English
  • Jacques deLisle, Law
  • Jianjing Kuang, Linguistics
  • Maria Puzyreva, Art History

Panel #2 Managing

  • Linda Greene, Dept. Administrator, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
  • Tomoharu Nishino, Co-director, International Relations Program
  • Scott Moore, Director, Penn Global China Program
  • Caitlin Adkins, Graduate Student Research Colloquium

Panel #3 Teaching

  • David Spafford, Ugrad chair, EALC
  • Siyen Fei, Ugrad chair, History
  • Justin McDaniel, Ugrad chair, Religious Studies
  • Shang Yasuda, TA, History