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East Asia Resources on the Internet

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  •     China   
  •     Japan   
  •     Korea   
  •     Central Asia   

General East Asia Resources

    Asia Society
    Asian Studies WWW Library
    Association of Asian Studies
    The Council on East Asian Libraries
    Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought
    Penn East Asia Law Review

For Educators

    Outreach World
    Asia For Educators



    Heidelberg University Internet Guide for China Studies
    Chinese Resources
    Chinese Classical Literature
    University of Virgina Chinese Text Initiative
    The Construction of Chinese Women in the Beijing Olympica - Lecture by Hongmei Li, George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg School for Communication
    Chinese Philosophical E-Text Archive, Wesleyan University


    People's Daily/Renmin ribao
    China Times
    China News Daily

Computing and Language Resources

    Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary
    Online Chinese Language Tools

Discussion Lists

    Chinese Studies Discussion, Princeton University Send a message with this text: subscribe china (your e-mail address)


    University of Virginia/University of Pittsburgh Japanese Text Initiative
    Duke University Japanese Studies Resources
    Columbia University Japanese Bibliography


    Yomiuri Shimbun
    Asahi Shimbun
    Mainichi Shimbun
    The Japan Times

Computing Resources

    The Japanese-English Dictionary Server
    Monash University Nihongo FTP Archive
    Shodouka Japanese Text Viewer View Japanese-language webpages on computers without Japanese encoding

Discussion Lists

    Pre-Modern Japanese Studies
    Social Science Japan Forum
    Japan Times


    Japan Career



    Korean Foundation's Korea Focus, monthly webzine


    Korean Studies Links to everything involving Korea
    Korea Institute, Harvard University
    Korea Web


    Chosn ilbo
    Han'guk ilbo
    Tonga ilbo
    Han'gyre sinmun
    The Korea Herald
    The Korea Times

Central Asia


    Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies
    Central Asian Studies Society
    Central Asian Studies Worldwide